ETICAS offers a global perspective and network to serve our clients by protecting their assets today and for future generations.  Through the ETICAS Trust Companies located in Barbados, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Samoa, we can assist you with your estate and corporate succession needs.  In addition to these jurisdictions we may establish and administer entities through our partners, where appropriate, in Bahamas, Cayman, Jersey, Guernsey, Panama and Liechtenstein.


In addition to the above noted services, ETICAS also provides the following:

  • Escrow arrangements – manage the escrow and through our affiliates, hold funds in escrow. If a Purpose Trust is required, ETICAS will act as Trustee and hold funds in Trust.
  •  Nominee or bare trustee – to hold shares or assets on behalf of a beneficial owner.
  •  Executor – to be appointed as an executor and trustee in a Will or provide estate or trust agency services (assist an executor or trustee with all or part of their duties)
  •  Domiciliary – assist an individual or family in obtaining a new tax or resident domicile



ETICAS International maintains a global perspective in its delivery of Fiduciary solutions and services.  With a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and objectives, we select appropriate jurisdictions and provide customized compliant structures.

With over 40 years of experience in providing appropriate Trust and other structures to Ultra High Net Work clientele, ETICAS has developed a global network of elite professionals to serve our clients’ interests.  Developing effective Trust and corporate structures often requires a team of professionals including Legal, Tax, Accounting, Insurance and Financial planning.  Through our network and relationships, ETICAS can provide a holistic approach to servicing our clients, from any jurisdiction around the world.





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